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Plate Extrusion Line

PVC (WPC) Core Foaming Board Extrusion Line

Core foaming board extrusion line (Co-extrusion foaming board extrusion line)
This extrusion line is developed for overcoming the defects of free foamed board, semi-skinning foamed board and skinning foamed board. This extrusion line adopts the co-extrusion technology, one extruder produces the foamed core layer and the other extruder produces the solid sheet surface. The product is stronger and smoother than the skinning foamed board, and the density of this product is low. High percentage of filler can be added to reduce the raw material cost, while the strength of the product can still be kept. This product has a wide market application.

Main application: Used for construction and decoration industial, such as outer wall board, inner decoration board, housing, office, public construction board, furniture, cupboard, roofing. Adopting printing, film coating and thermo-embossing equipment, will get all kinds of emulational wooden product.

Parameters Core foaming board extrusion line
Products width 1220mm
Thickness of the product 3-20mm
Extruder specification SJZ80/156-SJZ65/132
Capacity (Max.) 500kg/h
Main motor power 75kw/37kw

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice