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Plate Extrusion Line

PC、PP、PVC Corrugated Sheet Extrusion Line

PC、PP、PVC corrugated sheet
PC corrugated board has the merits of good weather resisting property, impact resistance, high light transmission. It is widely used in the roof for warehouses and easy constructions, such as stadium, swimming pools, skiing fields, station rest pavilions and so on.
PVC corrugated board has the merits of erosion resistance, workability and low cost. It is widely used in workshops, warehouses, carports, sheds, agricultural and construction sheds, etc.

Parameters DW100-45-1800 DW105/33-1500  SJZ80/156-1500
Suitable materal PC PP、PE PVC
Products width 1400mm 1050mm 1200mm
Thickness of the product 0.6-1.5mm 0.5-3mm 0.8-3mm
Extruder specification Φ100/38-Φ45/30 Φ105/33 ΦSJZ80/156
Capacity (Max.) 250kg/h 200kg/h 300kg/h

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice