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Plate Extrusion Line

PC、PP、PE Plastic Hollow Cross Section Plate Extrusion Line

PC hollow sheets
are mainly used in the skylight of office building, lobby, marketplace, stadium and public utility etc, and rainshed of station, park, pavilion, lounge and corridor, including the noise barrier of highway and overhead road in city. 

PP, PE hollow sheets
Are used for producing containers and packaging cases for cushioning protection in the industry of electron, household appliance, bags and suitcases, machinery, postal service, food, medicine, pesticides, advertisement and decoration etc.

PP hollow building template
One kind of new environmental protection plastic building materials. It can be repeated recycled, and mainly used for replacing the application of steel templates and bamboo & wooden templates.

Parameters DW120/38、JW45/30 DW100/38、JW45/30 DW120/30 DW120/33
Suitable materal PC PC PP、PE PP、PE
Products width 2100mm 1300mm 2100mm 1300mm
Products thickness 2-40mm 2-10mm 2-80mm 1.5-8mm
Main motor power 185kw/22kw 132kw/22kw 132kw 110kw
Capacity (Max.) 450kg/h 300kg/h 350kg/h 200kg/h

Note: The specifications are subject to change without prior notice